Served with a dinner salad or soup and a choice of baked potato, french fries, lasagna, eggplant parmesan, steamed vegetables, Italian spinach, or any pasta, unless otherwise noted. Get a House Salad for an extra $3.00

Chicken Parmesan
Breast of chicken, breaded and deep fried, topped with mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.  16.99

Chicken Marsala
Chicken breast lightly breaded and sautéed with fresh mushrooms in marsala wine sauce. 18.99

Chicken Piccata
Chicken breast lightly breaded and sautéed in butter, lemon, and wine.  17.99

Chicken Kabob
Chunks of chicken, Italian sausage, and mushrooms. Skewered and charbroiled, topped with our special sauce.   17.99

Marinated Chicken
Breast of chicken marinated, charbroiled, and topped with our special marinade.   17.99

Chicken Giardiniera
Breast of chicken lightly breaded and sautéed in olive oil, butter, and “hot” giardiniera peppers and olives.   17.99

Chicken Florentine
Tender sautéed chicken, fresh Italian spinach, and mozzarella cheese with creamy Alfredo sauce and our own homemade marinara. Served with a side order of spaghetti and a choice for dinner salad or soup.   20.99